The newest component to Dr Weiner’s Pound of Cure weight loss program, Caloratio is a free smart phone app that logs your daily food intake while coaching you to better eating habits. The logs show you the quality of calories in your diet and daily decisions helping you to achieve your goals, making healthy eating choices throughout the day. You get a positive reinforcement for good choices which will help you continue to eat in a healthy way, providing your body the appropriate amount of nourishment without starving yourself.

You will find this program, scientifically developed by Dr Weiner over many years, has the capacity to help you change your eating habits and lose weight without feeling hungry.

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How to Use the CaloRatio App

Dr. Matthew Weiner explains the function and use of his smartphone app and website called CaloRatio which evaluates the quality of your diet, not just the total number of calories you consume. This new technique focuses on healthy eating over the long run, rather than trying to trigger short term, temporary weight loss by counting calories.

How To Improve Your CaloRatio

Dr. Weiner’s smartphone app- CaloRatio- measures the quality of your diet, rather than just counting the total number of calories you eat each day.  In this video, Dr. Weiner describes the best way to eat to improve your diet and trigger life-long weight loss.