Carol – Gastric Bypass


April 2008, Just before Gastric Bypass Surgery

I remember the morning very clearly. I was so apprehensive. Was I doing the right thing?

I had struggled with my weight all my life, exhausting all dieting fads without satisfaction. As I have gotten older, obesity had started to affect my physical, social, and most crucially, my emotional health.

I had honestly given up on my life until July 1, 2008 when Dr. Matthew Weiner carefully performed a Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass that transformed my life. I have gone from weighing 269 lbs, a size 22 down to 161 lbs, a size 10. Now at this post surgical stage, I have never felt so zealous being active and exercising.

I am beholden to Dr. Weiner and his staff. It has been such a pleasure to know him. He is an extremely gifted surgeon, who has a demeanor that exudes relaxed confidence and I feel so secure around him. He is a wonderful man and has such greatness in his heart. With so much that has happened in a short period of time and I never really got to say thank you. So thank you Dr. Matt, for giving me a new lease on life!


August 2010 – 2 years after surgery

Carol T.


February 2011 – Carol lost 108 lbs, and 12 sizes!