Change your eating, change your life

metabolic-reset-dietThis program contains twelve stations of change that you can progress through as quickly or slowly as you like. It’s probably better to dwell for a month or so, if not longer, on each station to make sure you fully integrate each change into your life. If you move too fast, you may not fully embrace the change and fail to maximize its potential. As you progress through each station, you will start to look at the way you used to eat (and others continue to eat) in an enlightened fashion, finally recognizing the damage to your health that most American foods cause.

With the exception of the first station, there is no determination of portion size. You should eat heartily when you are hungry until you are satisfied (not stuffed). The same applies to exercise – you determine the duration of your exercise sessions – it is not necessary to exercise for 60 minutes five times per week to derive health benefits. As your fitness improves and eating habits become more engrained, you will find that you naturally decrease your portion sizes and increase the intensity and duration of your exercise sessions.   There is a rationale for the order of the stations – each step teaches you techniques that better enable you to reach the next station. There is no need to progress through all twelve stations, in fact, most patients don’t. You may find that your health goals can be met by just living by the first five stations, or you may find that you can only partially integrate certain stations. This is also acceptable – if the only change you make is to incorporate Station 2 (1 pound of vegetables daily) into your everyday life, this alone will result in significant health benefits. The choice is yours as to how far you want to take this.

It’s critical to realize that this program is never intended to end. Each station should result in permanent change. Once you start eating one pound of vegetables daily, the understanding is that you will continue this behavior forever. Until the behavior changes of a station are part of your daily routine, you should not move onto the next station. This is intended to be a journey that continues for the remainder of your life, rather than a program with a beginning and an end. In short, this program aims to provide you the tools necessary for a lifetime of good health.

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