Dr. Weiner on DLight Talk Radio May 17

May 17 @ 12:30 p.m.

In this potentially life-changing episode D*LIGHT host, Krista-Lynn Landolfi, is joined by Dr Matthew Weiner, a bariatric surgeon who has made a ground breaking dietary discovery. In his book A Pound of Cure he shares his style of eating which mimics the changes that occur directly after undergoing bariatric surgery. Make this the summer you confidently ‘strut your stuff’ on the beach! Be sure to tune in to discover how you can create lasting weight loss and optimal health.

Join the conversation! Call to ask Dr. Weiner weight loss, nutrition and health questions: (619) 768-7217 Listen Here

A Pound of Cure outlines the steps necessary to lose anywhere from 5 to 100 pounds or more and keep it off which makes this book ideal for families and friends with different needs to embark on this new lifestyle together. If you are tired of the fad and commercial diet industry that peddles artificial, synthetic diet foods as healthy choices, the Pound of Cure plan will show you how to eat sensibly, control your hunger and lose the weight for the rest of your life.