Joan – Gastric Bypass

Joan - Before Gastric Bypass

Joan – Before Gastric Bypass Surgery

Joan - After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Joan – After Gastric Bypass Surgery

I met Dr. Weiner in November of 2006, I consider that one of the luckiest days of my life.

But let me start at the beginning, I had not been feeling well for over 2 years before out meeting. Prior to meeting with Dr. Weiner I tried to set up an appointment with another well respected Dr (let’s call him Dr X), whose office was closer to my home; this explains why I called him first. Well for over a month at least, I tried to get an appointment to see Dr. X. I will never forget the day Dr. X’s assistant called back to finally set up an appointment. Her exact quote from Dr. X was “he will TRY and see if he can help you…”  Well that was the straw that broke the camels back; with that kind of attitude I knew he was not the Dr. for me.

I then called Dr. Weiner’s office almost in tears, fearful that I might get another negative response. Was I wrong! Everyone was so nice and helpful, I was assured that Dr. Weiner would see me, and he did the very next week. After meeting him for the first time I knew why everyone talks so highly of him. Not only is he a very caring Doctor but extremely talented (more about that later). He sat and did not hurry me at my first appointment when I recited my long tale of problems over the last two years. He asked many questions and then assured me he would do everything he could to help me. After I left the office with the help of my husband (who works at another Hospital) I did some more checking on Dr. Weiner. What I found again substantiated my original impression of him. He is a very talented Surgeon, skilled beyond his years, meticulous to detail, very caring, and might I add he has a great bedside manor.

After several tests to better determine my problems, I returned to go over the results. He explained all the results to me and went so far as to do drawings for me, so that I could better understand what was happening to me, and what he was proposing to do, to fix the problem. Even though I was terrified about the prospect of the major surgery he was proposing, I fell confident in his care.

Surgery was set for 6 weeks later and I have never regretted for a moment my choice of having the surgery, and having Dr. Weiner as my surgeon. He has always been there to answer my many questions, and his staff has gone over and above the call of duty in helping me. Can I say that the road to recover has always been a smooth one, no it has not been. But with every turn Dr. Weiner and his staff have been there to help me negotiate all the twists and turns.

I can now say that I feel fantastic every day, I have lost a lot of weight and can do anything I want to do. But the biggest change is not having to say to my son “Mommy doesn’t feel well please play quietly so that I can rest”. Now I can do anything I want to do playing Soccer or Baseball with him, or go for a long bike ride with my husband. In more that one way Dr. Weiner has given me back my energy and love of life….Thank You…I will be forever grateful.