Our Non Surgical Program

If you are serious about making the changes in your life necessary for you to achieve long-term, durable weight loss, our non surgical weight loss program provides more information about our science based, physician designed and led program.

Dr. Weiner’s unique weight loss program teaches patients how to eat sensibly in order to control hunger, boost metabolism, and lose weight. A Pound of Cure outlines a series of small, simple changes that together result in a complete nutritional makeover, allowing patients to stop dieting and start living!

The proven comprehensive approach helps you achieve the long term weight loss success you’ve been striving for.

A Pound of Cure by Dr. Matthew WeinerA Pound of Cure :

  • Reduces hunger and eliminates food cravings
  • Step by step approach to changing your diet and lifestyle
  • Emphasizing whole foods, primarily fruits and vegetables
  • No gimmick diet without shakes, pills, or prepared meals.
  • Customized, nutrient rich eating plans & recipes
  • One on one consultations and accountability
  • You won’t be hungry

When you look closely at the science behind weight loss and weight gain, we find that weight loss caused by starvation efforts is almost always followed by a slow gradual weight regain. Our program is different in that we make every attempt to avoid starvation, rather, you will need to “eat” the weight off. It is very likely that you will be eating more food over the coming months than you have in years, yet the pounds will melt away.

How it Works

Our weight loss program is based on office visits by Dr. Weiner or Mary Jo Oldford, N.P. Most insurance plans offer coverage for the treatment of obesity and its related diseases, however, for those who don’t have insurance coverage, we have affordable self-payment programs available. In addition to the insurance co-payments, there is a program fee, starting at $149 for a one year membership, including a copy of Dr. Weiner’s book, A Pound of Cure and the DVD Companion to the book that contains over six hours of video that further outlines the program. The DVD Companion is only available to patients in the program and is not for sale anywhere else.

The Pound of Cure program is very affordable compared to most commercial programs that are not run by licensed professionals and are based on old-school, ineffective calorie restriction programs. For instance, the average prices of some of the more popular diet programs are listed below.

Dr. Weiner’s Scientific, Physician led, lifestyle changing, weight loss program Commercial Weight Loss Plans
 $149 1 year membership including:

Monthly attendance at our Pound of Cure Seminars led personally by Dr. Weiner

A Pound of Cure book

DVD Companion

1 on 1 consultations

No calorie counting

Office visits are covered by insurance but are subject to policy limitations, deductible, copay and coinsurance.

Price for 6 months

Weight Watchers: $240 for meetings (food not included)

Nutrisystem: $2,400, including some food

Jenny Craig: $2,800, including some food

Slim-Fast: $840, including some food

Remember – Most fad diet programs are not backed by science, and are more marketing than substance. The Pound of Cure Program has been developed and is administered by a medical doctor and registered nurse practitioner.

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