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Are you ready to change your life, weight, and health? Dr. Weiner explains the non surgical medical weight loss program here at Michigan Weight Management Institute. You can change your eating habits without feeling hungry, and change your life! Find out more below:

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A preview of Dr. Weiner’s website, PoundOfCureWeightLoss.com

What-Causes-Weight-GainWhat Really Causes Weight Loss And Weight Gain

In this comprehensive video, Dr. Weiner offers and alternative to the simple calorie in/ calorie out model of weight loss.  This video offers a unique insight into your body’s metabolism

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 Let-Food-Be-Thy-MEdicineLet Food Be Thy Medicine

Dr. Weiner is a bariatric surgeon who has recognized the flaws in our current understanding of weight gain, weight loss and diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes that are the result of our diet. This lecture will cause you to rethink your own weight struggles and may even identify a starting point for learning how to lose weight for good.

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Why-You-Should-NEver-Diet-AgainYou Should Never Diet Again

Our world is filled with advice on how to lose weight fast without working hard. Unfortunately, not only do these plans not work, they probably cause weight gain, making the problem even worse. Dr. Weiner describes a reasonable and realistic approach to weight loss based on his “Pound of Cure” program.

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Can't-Lose-Weight-Counting-CaloriesWhy You Can’t Lose Weight Counting Calories

A short explanation of the theory behind the Pound of Cure Diet. Rather than looking at weight loss as the result of fewer calories, Dr. Weiner explains how your metabolic thermostat works to prevent weight loss during times of starvation. The Pound of Cure Program works to lower your thermostat’s set point, rather than relying on starvation techniques.

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How-To-Read--AProduct-LabelHow To Read a Product Label

Food Labels Exposed. Dr. Matthew Weiner describes how to accurately read a food product label. Many people mistakenly look at calorie content, grams of fat, or grams of carbohydrates to determine if a food represents a healthy choice. Dr. Weiner shows you a better way.

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Set-Point-SmoothieSet Point Smoothie

Homemade Set Point Smoothies are a better option to drive weight loss than commercially available smoothies. By introducing real whole foods you can increase your phytonutrient intake which helps improve your overall health and drive and maintain weight loss. This video provides tips and tricks to making a better tasting and more nutrient dense smoothie without spending a ton of time in the kitchen.

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Tipos-on-How-to-stop-drinking-sodaHow To Drop The Pop

Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Matthew Weiner and author of “A Pound of Cure” offers suggestions on how to stop drinking soda pop – one of the most fattening “foods” on the planet.

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Do-artificialk-Sweeteners-cause-weight-gainDo Artificial Sweeteners Cause Weight Gain?

Dr. Weiner, author of a Pound of Cure discusses the impact of artificial sweeteners on your weight loss efforts. Learn about the ways that stevia, equal, sweet and low and NutraSweet all contribute to weight gain and are much more fattening than their calorie labels would suggest.

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A-better-Diet-for-Diabetics A Better Diet for Diabetics

In this video, Dr. Matthew Weiner explains how to eat to improve your body’s response to insulin. Using these techniques will help to improve and in many cases cure diabetes.

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Dr Weiner and Emery King Discuss weight loss options offered at Huron Valley HospitalWeight Loss, Bariatric Surgery and Lifestyle

Dr. Weiner discusses the lifestyle changes and solutions for maintaining a healthy weight throughout your life with Emery King and the WXYZ medical webcast.

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