Norma Lab Band Weight Loss

Dear Dr. Weiner,

Lap Band Surgery BeforeHi! Just dropping you a line to tell you that a year ago today I met you and you have changed my Life. I just wanted to thank you for helping me get on the right track!

I know when we met, you probably didn’t think I would even listen or keep up with my diet that you had put me on. I now know that this is a life changing process. I am now trying to add a little more food to my diet without feeling like I am going to gain all my weight back which is real hard.

Attached are a before picture and a today picture. I just can’t wait to see you after the holidays! Oh yeah, another thing, I went to buy a pair of jeans which I haven’t worn since before my daughter was born (she’s 28) and I fit in a SIZE 10!!! Super EXCITED!!!

I feel that if I would have understood proper eating habits and White Flours before my LapBand I might not have needed it. But the LapBand procedure was the jump start I needed at the time and with all this together I am a very happy person.

Oh another surprise for you!!! I went on a job interview and landed a JOB!!! I have so much confidence in myself now.  Once again thank you!

Norma G

Lap Band results

Lap Band Surgery results