Patient Portal Information & Instructions

patient-portalWelcome to our practice!
In order to make your office visits as thorough and streamlined as possible, we utilize a patient portal system which enables you to do all your office visit paperwork online at your convenience.  If this is your first time logging in, you must obtain a username and password.  You may have received an email inviting you to create a username and password.  If you did, click on the link in the email and follow the instructions.  These links are only good for a week after they are sent, so you may need to call the office to have a new email sent.  You can also call the office and our staff can issue you a unique username and password.  Each time you use the portal going forward, use the same user name and password for each log in.

Link to our patient portal

The process is easy – follow these simple steps:

  • If this is the first time that you are using the portal, click on the “My Information” link and you will be taken through a series of windows.  This is essentially the initial visit paperwork you’d have to fill out in the office, except you are doing it online.
  • It helps to have the following information available during your initial online registration: insurance cards, all of your doctor’s names and phone numbers, a list of your medications, a list of your previous dieting attempts, past surgeries and medical problems list.
  • You may navigate through the windows by pressing Next or Previous.  Each time you press either of these buttons, your information will be automatically saved.
  • If you need to stop before you’ve completed all of the windows, you can just close the browser window.  To complete the remainder, log back in using the same username and password and select the “My Information” item.  Click “Next” until you find the place you left off and then continue to enter the information.
  • Please log on to your portal before each visit with Dr. Weiner and complete a Virtual Visit.  We ask you to do this every time to update your information and complete the online paperwork for your upcoming visit.

More reasons to use our Portal:

  • Through our portal system, you can view your preoperative workup and ensure that we’ve received requested paperwork from your other doctors.
  • You can upload pictures of yourself to help measure your progress along your weight loss journey.
  • You can view letters that Dr. Weiner has written to communicate with your other doctors
  • You can graph out your weight loss

We think you will find this system a great time saver and a very effective way to communicate with our office.  If you have any questions or difficulty using our system, please do not hesitate to contact us at  (248) 413-2670.

Link to our patient portal