Post Op Support

Dr. Weiner’s Bariatric Surgery Post-Operative Support Groups


The SECOND Tuesday of Every Month · 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM

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Support Groups are hosted by our psychologist, Kelly Johnson.  They are free of charge and open to any bariatric surgery patient, not just those operated on by Dr. Weiner.


Oakland Regional Hospital
22401 Foster Winter Dr
Southfield, MI
4th Floor

About our surgical weight loss groups

Support group is for post-operative patients.  Once you have had your surgery, you can join the meetings.  Group members are encouraged to bring a spouse/significant other to the meeting.

 In order to best meet the needs of our post-surgical patients,
these support group meetings are NOT appropriate for children,
non-surgical weight loss patients or those who are considering weight loss
surgery but who have not completed their pre-operative workup.

The time of the meeting is meant to accommodate the most people – those who work, who drive an hour to attend, those with children that need help with homework and those little ones that need to be tucked in at night.  We also heard from those of you who aren’t likely to go back out once you get home after work.   If this is your mealtime, please feel free to bring a healthy snack.

Reminder to all:   You should be seeing your surgeon minimally at one week, one month, three months, six months, nine months and one year and annually for five years following bariatric surgery.   Please call and make an appointment if you are due or past due and do not already have an appointment!