A Pound of Cure

A Pound of Cure by Dr. Matthew WeinerThe Pound of Cure Website

Written by Dr. Weiner to help patients change their eating sensibly, over time. First, Dr. Weiner explains the flaws in the traditional weight loss model that claims that it is necessary to starve yourself thin by burning more calories than you take in. Rather, he explains the research behind our metabolic thermostat that works to control both your calorie expenditure and consumption to keep your weight stable over time. Each of the 12 dietary changes that Dr. Weiner recommends will bring you closer to gaining control over the hunger and food cravings that have sabotaged your previous efforts and prevent the plateaus that are the result of your metabolic slowing.

A Pound of Cure, Change Your Eating and Your Life, One Step at a Time does not require that you eat small portions of food or suppress and ignore your hunger. Rather, it shows you how to use food to control hunger and eliminate food cravings. By focusing your diet on nutrient rich foods like fruits and vegetables, the Pound of Cure eating plan keeps your metabolism in fat burning mode, avoiding frustrating plateaus. If you are tired of the fad diets and the commercial diet industry that peddles artificial, synthetic diet foods as healthy choices, the Pound of Cure plan will show you how to eat sensibly, control your hunger and lose the weight for the rest of your life.

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