Self/Direct Pay Procedures

Many patients elect to pay for their elective surgery themselves when their health insurance does not cover it. A growing number of employers are directly contracting with providers rather than paying the often inflated prices charged through PPO plans. These employers are looking for fair, bundled prices for elective surgery and Dr. Weiner is happy to offer his self pay price to these employers.

The following surgeries are available for self/direct pay – To request pricing, submit your e-mail and we’ll send you the most recent price structure:

Request Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Pricing

Request Hernia Surgery Pricing

Request Endoscopy Pricing

Request Gallbladder Surgery Pricing

Our price includes all costs of the surgery (anesthesia, pre-operative evaluation, 90 days of postoperative care, in hospital laboratory work and all operating room costs) Additional office visits more than 90 days after surgery are billed at $65 each.

Prices requested are good for 90 days from receipt of e-mail.

Dr Weiner also accepts many insurance plans – Click here to see