Shirley – Gastric Bypass

Shirley - Before and AfterA while back when I retired the Ford Motor Company, I looked forward with anticipation to all the things I would do with my family. This was going to be great! But with more time on my hands, I began to notice that my energy level was stopping me from being able to do things I had planned. In the morning I would bring my laptop and everything I needed for the day downstairs so I wouldn’t have to go back up the stairs till evening.

I began to notice other habits I had as well. For instance, though my daughter Nicole and my grandkids lived only two blocks away, I would drive rather then walk. All my joints hurt and I had bad knees.

In June 2008, I had my first appointment with Dr. Weiner. It was the best decision of my life! He is a phenomenal doctor, absolutely amazing. The care I received from him was thorough and professional. He always had time to answer any questions I had and was totally supportive. On Oct. 23, 2008 I had gastric bypass surgery. In 18 months I lost close to 120 pounds, and went from a size 26 to 14. Now instead of driving to my daughter’s house I walk back and forth a few times a day. I wake up every day vigorous and energetic. Dr. Weiner made all this possible for me, when I had failed over and over on other diet plans.  God bless you, Dr. Weiner!