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A Pound of Cure by Dr. Matthew Weiner

Matthew Weiner, MD, FACSis the author of A Pound of Cure, a step-by-step guide that shows you how to change your style of eating sensibly, over time. With A Pound of Cure, weight loss success is available to everyone, even without surgery.

Dr. Weiner’s unique medically proven weight loss program teaches patients how to eat sensibly in order to control hunger, boost metabolism, and lose weight. A Pound of Cure outlines a series of small, simple changes that together result in a complete nutritional makeover, allowing patients to stop dieting and start living!  This is a comprehensive approach that emphasizes whole foods to reduce hunger and achieve long term weight loss.

Now, with the introduction of Dr. Weiner’s CaloRatio diet analysis system, available on the web, or as a smartphone app, we can numerically grade your diet and help you to make the changes necessary to trigger weight loss.

When we look at the science behind weight loss and weight gain, we find that weight loss caused by starvation efforts is almost always followed by a slow gradual weight regain. Our program is different in that we make every attempt to avoid starvation, rather, you will need to “eat the weight off”. You will likely be eating more food over the coming months than you have in years, yet the pounds will melt away.

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Why The Pound Of Cure Is Different

The Pound of Cure program is covered by most insurance policies.  This makes it very affordable compared to most commercial programs that are not run by licensed professionals and are based on old-school, ineffective calorie restriction programs.  Remember, most fad diet programs are not backed by science, and are more marketing than substance. The Pound of Cure Program has been developed by Dr. Weiner and is based in science, not high profit sales of packaged foods.

A sample of the content at a Pound of Cure Seminar:

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