The Pound of Cure Program

 Tired of being sick?

Sick of feeling tired?

Is it possible to lose weight without starving?

A Pound of Cure by Dr. Matthew WeinerMatthew Weiner, MD, FACS is the Founder and Director of the Michigan Weight Management Institute and author of A Pound of Cure, a step-by-step guide that shows you how to change your style of eating sensibly, over time.  With A Pound of Cure, weight loss success is available to everyone, even without surgery.

Dr. Weiner’s method does not buy into the madness of starvation or fad diets.  His weight loss program will help you change your lifestyle and the way you think about food to drive permanent weight loss and improve your health.  It is a one year program with the option to renew. The initial program enrollment fee is $149.

This program fee includes the following:

  1. The program materials (the book and a set of DVDs with 6 hours of lectures presented by Dr. Weiner).
  2. Attendance at monthly seminars hosted by Dr. Weiner
  3. A guest pass to bring a friend to one of the monthly seminars
  4. Unlimited one on one appointments with Mary Jo, Dr. Weiner’s Nurse Practitioner who will help guide you through the program (standard office visit fees apply, covered by most insurance policies)

Appointments with the Nurse Practitioner are available at our main office in Commerce as well as in Clarkston.

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