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00289057The commercial foods prevalent in our modern diet stimulate our cravings for sweet, salty and rich tastes – in fact, they’re designed for just this purpose. As you move toward a more natural diet, you’ll find that the intense cravings you have at meal times and in the evening will diminish. Furthermore, eating large amounts of fruits and vegetables will provide ample amounts of micronutrients- the undiscovered compounds that are so vital to our health and help to prevent chronic diseases. If your body is no longer starved of these micronutrients, it will stop triggering cravings for them which our brains misinterpret as hunger. Most patients on this program report that their hunger and cravings are decreased after just a few days and almost completely eliminated after 2-4 weeks – this is about the time that it takes to detox from commercial foods. Ultimately, after 1-2 years of eating using the 12 Stations method, you’ll find that if you do fall back to your old eating style, you will develop nausea and fatigue – it’s at this point that you realize that you used to feel like this all day long!

The 12 stations eating method is perfect for those people who love to cook and love to eat. In fact, this is exactly the type of person who succeeds on this program. Ultimately, you’ll begin to enjoy the tastes of natural foods as much as you enjoy the sweet, salty, creamy tastes that you favor today.

This program is designed to help you change the way you eat in a slow, methodical fashion in an attempt to make you a healthier person. Exercise makes up only a very small portion of the program (Stations 4 and 7) and is not necessary for your success. Also, this program is as much about what you DO eat as what you DON’T. We start by adding in foods and eventually eliminate the ones that cause weight gain. After you add in the healthy foods, it’s much easier to remove the unhealthy ones.

You will lose weight – perhaps lots of it, but the scale cannot be our primary determinant of success. Rather, we will focus our energies on your habits, attitudes and behaviors about food and exercise, knowing that in the long run, this will result in weight loss. Using the scale as a measurement of success or failure is forbidden. If your primary goal is to lose weight, I recommend you weigh yourself no more frequently than every two weeks. Rather than determining your success by the number the scale reads every morning, measure your success by your eating habits. If you are eating well, following the program, trying out new recipes and slowly changing your attitudes about food, consider yourself a success. Some weeks, you may lose weight, others you may not – this does not mean that you were more successful during the weeks that you lost weight. Your body’s metabolism is a very unpredictable machine if you look at it day by day. You’ll lose weight at times you are not eating at your best and may not at the times you’re most compliant. Weight loss should be looked at over months, or even seasons – only over longer time periods will your eating changes be accurately reflected by the scale.

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