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MWMI-logo_FINALObesity is not a disease of gluttony as most people think – it is a disease of metabolism. Many of us know someone of normal weight who eats large portions of junk food daily, yet manage to stay thin. The vast majority of Americans subsist largely on processed foods, yet only a third of us develop significant obesity. The reason that only some people gain significant amounts of weight has to do with how our body reacts to these foods – those who suffer from obesity are triggered to rapidly store processed foods as fat while those who remain free of obesity are not nearly as efficient at fat storage. If you are significantly overweight, you are more susceptible to processed foods than others. Long term weight loss depends on you avoiding these foods for the rest of your life, and no less. The 12 Stations of Health eating plan will help you to accomplish this difficult task.

Because the average American’s diet consists of primarily processed foods, our taste buds have adapted to the sweet, salty, rich tastes of today’s foods. After years of eating like this, healthy, natural foods are unable to stimulate our taste buds in a meaningful way, causing them to be interpreted as “tasteless.” Even the sweetest strawberries will taste bland to people who drink sweetened strawberry milkshakes daily. Over time, we’ve developed “tolerance” for sweet, salty and rich tastes that demand even stronger tastes to remain satisfied.

Thankfully, these changes are not permanent and can be reversed naturally over a period of about six months. As you wean yourself from the American diet, you’ll begin to derive the same pleasure from fruits and vegetables as you do from your current diet. Eventually, a taste of a strawberry shake will be interpreted as “too sweet,” unless you return to drinking them regularly. The delicious tastes of natural foods are masked by commercial sweetening, salting and frying processes. Once you eliminate the processed foods from your diet, you’ll begin to enjoy the natural tastes of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, eggs, poultry, fish and meats.

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