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Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements for weight loss surgical patientsDr. Weiner recommended nutritional supplements specifically formulated to meet the needs of both the pre-operative bariatric surgical candidate, as well as the post-operative bariatric surgical patient.

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Watch the informational seminar describing minimally invasive bariatric weight loss surgery options and how to choose online now!

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Self/Direct Pay Gastric Sleeve Special

Gastric_SleeveMany patients elect to pay for the Gastric Sleeve surgery themselves when the health care insurance they have does not cover the surgery.

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 Weight Loss, Bariatric Surgery & Lifestyle

Dr. Weiner discusses the lifestyle changes and solutions for maintaining a healthy weight throughout your life with Emery King and the WXYZ medical webcast.

Dr Weiner and Emery King Discuss weight loss options offered at Huron Valley HospitalWatch the Discussion

Hernia Surgery

Hernias are one of the most common conditions that are treated with surgery in the United States.  A hernia is caused by a tear or stretching of the muscles of the groin or abdomen.  The tear leaves a small hole that allows for the organs inside your abdomen to slide in and out, resulting in a bulge that is sometimes painful.

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